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Who are we?

What is solar electricity?

Solar electricity is renewable energy produced by converting sunlight into electricity. Solar electricity is generated through a photovoltaic process that produces direct (DC) electricity from solar panels that are placed on the roof. The solar panels watch source guide collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is stored in an indoor unit with a battery and can be used when needed. Solar electricity is a clean, sustainable and reliable source of energy that can power your home or business. Click here to find out how it works >>

What is the Lumos Mobile Electricity service?

Lumos Mobile Electricity is a service that connects you to sustainable,affordable and modern solar electricity to brighten your home and business.

Live life to the fullest with solar electricity that is accessible, safe, reliable and affordable. Light up rooms, charge cellphones and power appliances like Fans, TVs, Tablets best swiss replicas and Laptops. Keep your store open for business longer. Enjoy quality time with your family, with no interruptions. Study all evening and enjoy a good and safe night’s sleep. Whatever you choose to do, with Lumos you can do more.

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Who is the Lumos system intended for?

The Lumos system is a great solution for people not connected to the main electricity grid or for those who suffer from a low or unreliable power supply.

Lumos also makes sense for people looking for a more affordable source of electricity compared to the higher costs associated with grid connection or other power solutions.  For example, if you use a generator, kerosene, and batteries for lights and regular daily uses like phones, Fans, TVs, Tablets and Laptops, then Lumos can offer considerable savings.

Lumos systems is also a good option for people wishing to switch to solar electricity, but who lack the cash to pay for such a system upfront.

By spreading the costs and delivering solar electricity “as a service”, Lumos lets you enjoy affordable access to reliable solar electricity with a 5-year repair service

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Getting started

How can I join the Lumos service?

To join the Lumos Mobile Electricity service simply visit your nearest designated MTN store with your registered MTN Sim card. Come with a valid ID card and the names and details of two guarantors.

To locate the nearest MTN store visit, visit the following link

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How does my Lumos system work?

The solar panel installed on your roof converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the secured and locked Y’ello box inside your home or business.  To use the electricity in your Y’ello box you must credit your system. First, check that replica watches your MTN account (registered to the service) has enough credit and SMS your chosen plan to 317. For example, for 30-day plan, send 30 by SMS to 317.

Get confirmation SMS and start enjoying modern electricity!

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Pricing & Plans

How much am I going to pay for powering my home or business with Lumos?

Lumos solar electricity pricing is designed to be affordable for everyone. There are 2 payments to be made: the first is the set-up fee registration, the second is the monthly subscription.

To use your system, it’s important to remember that you must purchase and use a minimum of 20 days of electricity credit for your system – each month. To meet your 20 days per month minimum usage terms, you can choose any combination, from our optional plans.

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What is the minimum requirement per month?

Whether you use the system or not, you must purchase and use a minimum of 20 days of electricity credit for your system – each and every month. If the minimum monthly usage terms are not met, the system will automatically lock and you will not be able to access any electricity.

Please have a look at this chart to help you keep your account balanced:


Can I buy the Lumos system upfront?

Yes, you can. If you choose to pay all at once, we have just the right plan for you at N217,800.  Please check out our plan options in the following link.

Remember, the longer plan you choose, the less you pay.

How long will I have to pay a monthly subscription?

For 1800 subscription days. After this period, you become the owner of the Lumos system and are no longer required to pay any more monthly subscriptions!  You may wish to use larger plans to save time and money, or to pay-off 1800 days at once, so that no monthly payments will be required from you..

Why do I need to subscribe? The sun is free.

Your small, affordable subscription payments go towards covering the costs of the Lumos service and system that comes with it. After 1800 subscription days, the system become 100% yours and the service is free to use. For more information, please visit the nearest MTN store or call 180.


How much power will I get from the Lumos system?

It takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge the battery when the panel is placed in direct sunlight. Once the system is fully charged, the amount of power depends on which appliances you use and for how long.

Check out what appliances you can use in the following link

What kind of appliances does Lumos support?

The Lumos system can support both 12V direct (DC) compatible appliances (100W accumulative) and 220V alternative (AC) compatible appliances (up to 60W accumulative, using a DC to AC converter) such as fans, TVs, radios, PC and laptops.

Click here for a complete appliances guide

What kind of outputs does the Lumos system have?

2x USB 5vDC/2.1A output
4x DC Jacks 12V DC/2A output
2x Car Cigarette Sockets 12V DC/8A

For further information read the User Guide provided or click here for more info

Can Lumos support heavy-duty electronic devices?

Not yet. For now, Lumos only supports either 12V direct (DC) compatible appliances, up to 100W accumulative compatible appliances and 220V alternative (AC) compatible appliances, up to 60W accumulative (using a DC to AC converter).


We always develop new products and hopefully will be able to increase capacity in the near future

Can Lumos actually power my appliances all day long?

This depends on which appliances you use and your battery charge level.

The Lumos service can power a large variety of appliances. However, these should not be connected all at once. It is important to check if the Lumos service meets your electricity needs before joining.

Please click here for more information about capacity

Repair service & Maintenance

What kind of repair service do you offer?

We provide a FREE* repair and support service for your Y’ello Box and solar panel for 5 years ensuring you have access to electricity all year round!
For customer service please call 180.

*Repair Service Terms & Conditions apply. No repair service on accessories including DC/AC converter

Does my system work during rainy days with limited sunlight hours?

Of course! On average, only 6 hours of direct sunlight are needed to fully charge the battery. In rare cases when weather conditions do not support effective generation, you are requested to manage usage and minimize unnecessary consumption.

Can I use a DCAC converter with the system?

This depends on the specific converter. Please check with our Customer Service for more details.

In any case, the system capacity is not enough to power heavy duty AC devices (such as refrigerators).

For further information, click here for a complete appliances guide or contact customer service at 180.

What kind of maintenance is required?
  • To maximize power generation, make sure your solar panel is mounted according to the installation guide instructions and placed in full sunlight, clear of any shade, all day long.
  • Clean panel once every 2 weeks with water only, especially during the dry season (Do not use detergents).
  • Make sure your system is fully charged before using.
  • To get the most use from the electricity stored in your Y’ello Box, manage usage according to available capacity and need.
  • Prevent power loss by unplugging appliances when not in use.
  • Avoid connecting to heavy-duty appliances. Highly efficient 12V DC devices are available for purchase in local electronic stores.
How is the Lumos system installed?

To ensure proper installation, we strongly advise that your system and panel are fitted by authorized installers recommended by Lumos. Use one of our authorized installers in the store for professional, safe and fast installation.

If you require assistance please call 180 for customer service

Technical issues

I've made a payment but my system does not show a credit. What should I do?

Please call 180 and our customer service will assist you.

I'm getting limited working hours out of my system what should I do?

First make sure that your system is fully charged. Make sure the panel is clean, not shaded, placed in full sunlight and facing the sun.
Make sure that unused appliances are disconnected while the system is charging during the day.

For further help, please call customer service on 180.

What should I do if my Lumos system stops working?

Please call 180 and our customer service will assist you. Or click here for our Troubleshooting Guide

My battery capacity is not enough. What should I do?

First make sure that the battery is fully charged and that you are efficiently managing

the consumption of the power you have. Then ensure you got reception within MTN coverage. If needed, please call 180 for customer service.

My converter is faulty. What should I do?

Your converter has a free repair service for 1 year. In case your converter doesn’t work properly, please bring it with you to the store to exchange it. To locate the nearest MTN store visit our store locator and input your state/location.

My system was stolen. What should I do?

Lumos systems are locked and fully secured and cannot be used in an unauthorized manner. If your system is stolen, please notify us so we can make sure it is locked and cannot be used. We suggest you contact the police and report the theft.